Hemp Oil For High Blood Pressure


Hypertension is a serious threat to human health, as it could even lead to deaths. Several factors influence the rise of blood pressure levels. Your food habits, stress levels, all are crucial in hypertension. Among the herbal remedies suggested for controlling hypertension, hemp oil is a highly recommended option. Hemp oil refers to CBD oil obtained from the cannabinoid-rich flowers of hemp. It is not to be confused with hemp seed oil that is extracted from the seeds of hemp that do not have any potential cannabinoids.

How CBD Oil Controls High Blood Pressure?

Here are some ways how hemp oil regulates our blood pressure levels.

It Helps Control Stress 

Stress is triggered by various environmental factors that may include pressure at work, academics, and personal issues. Stress is marked by elevated cortisol levels in our body. This could lead to many complications. CBD can reduce the cortisol levels in our body by interacting with the endocannabinoid system.

It Acts As A Vasodilator 

Vasodilation is the phenomenon of widening the walls of arteries to increase blood flow. Most of the drugs prescribed to handle hypertension are vasodilators that ease blood flow and bring blood pressure levels to normal. A 2017 study conducted to investigate the potential of CBD in reducing hypertension found that CBD is a potential vasodilator.

It Acts As A Haemodynamic Regulator 

Hemodynamics relates to blood flow and heart health. A 2013 review of clinical studies that investigated the potential of CBD in promoting cardiovascular health concluded that CBD improved stress and regulated blood pressure in stressful situations by maintaining steady blood flow.

It Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties 

The abnormal immune response can bring about a persistent state of inflammation that leads to tissue damage. Chronic inflammation poses a serious threat to cardiovascular health by raising the resting blood pressure. The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of CBD reduce arterial inflammation to help relax the arteries. The action makes positive contributions to the regulation of blood pressure.

It Improves The Response To Cold Stress 

Cold-related stress referred to as hypothermia leads to serious consequences like tissue damage. Vasoconstriction is a biological mechanism employed to maintain body heat when the external environment is extremely cold. The process increases the arterial pressure, which may lead to hypertension. Some clinical studies suggest that CBD has the potential to manage the rise in blood pressure.

When you take hemp oil for high blood pressure, select a dosage that works best for you by experimenting a bit with various dosages.