How Long Can CBD Be Stored?

CBD Oil Expiration
CBD Oil Expiration
CBD Oil Expiration
CBD Oil Expiration

Everyone is talking about CBD and its benefits. In addition to its list of fascinating benefits, the huge variety of its products makes the drug all the more interesting and desirable. But, do you check the expiry date of a CBD product before buying it? Being a natural compound that is susceptible to the process of degradation, CBD will not stay fresh for long. It, typically, has a life span of 14 to 24 months. If you are someone who consumes CBD regularly and has a small space reserved for the different CBD products, you will want to read further.  This article is about how long CBD can be stored and used.

Does CBD Oil Expire?

CBD oil usually lasts for 14 to 24 months as said before. But, there are few CBD manufacturers claiming their product to stay longer, which is probably true because there is no fixed CBD expiration date. In fact, CBD does not really spoil or turn lethal after a mentioned time period. However, CBD has a tendency to get oxidized and evaporate because of which it loses its potency and will not benefit the body.

How To Buy CBD That Has Longer Shelf Life?

There are factors responsible for the expiry of CBD and some of these can be prevented. If you are looking for a CBD product that can be stored for a long time, you should look for the following.

  • Pure CBD lasts the longest since it has no added chemicals that can reduce its life expectancy.
  • Buy CBD in green glass bottles as they prevent the sunlight from entering the bottle, thereby, preventing oxidation.
  • Carbon dioxide extraction is the most effective method of obtaining CBD from its source.
  • The form of the product. Some CBD products like soft gels are tightly packed and therefore, are not in contact with air whereas, capsules are exposed to the air.

What Can You Do To Extend The Life Of CBD Oil?

  • There are ways you can ensure that CBD oil expiration is longer.
  • Store it in a cool and dark place. A drawer or a cupboard would be a good place. If the CBD is kept in an airtight covering, do not remove it.
  • Close the lid of CBD tinctures and CBD oils as soon as you have used them as air can increase the rate of oxidation.
  • Do not store CBD near anything that is warm or hot. Oven, stove, radiator, and windows are places to be avoided.
  • Do not keep CBD in your car especially if it is parked outside under the sunlight.
  • Refrigerate CBD if you live in a hot region.

Make sure to buy and store your CBD wisely for maximum effect.