Using CBD in Oil Form for Cancer

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Almost every American state that has legalized marijuana has approved CBD oil for use to manage cancer symptoms. There are many connections between the symptoms’ management and cannabis oil, but more research should be done. More nations are legalizing medical marijuana, in particular, for use to deal with mental health and chronic conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder. Keep reading to find out more things about the consumption of the oil as part of cancer treatment.

Understand What Research on Cancer Says

Is it possible for you to consume the product to manage your symptoms or prevent cancer? A review, done by the NCI (National Cancer Institution) on the connection between cancer and cannabis, discovered that many studies lead to mixed results.

Another study found that consuming marijuana would not increase the possibility of cancers associated with tobacco use. However, it also found that men who never used tobacco in their life but use cannabis had a greater risk of developing prostate cancer. Besides, the consumption of cannabidiol in oil form lowers the odds of cancer that starts in the bladder by 45%, as per a 2015 study.

Smoking marijuana produces carcinogens, which might lead to cancer, but some take marijuana, thereby preventing cancer. Then again, the connection between chemotherapy and CBD oil is not conclusive, but many doctors globally recommend the product’s consumption to handle cancer’s symptoms.

Cannabis is a Complementary Treatment Option: Never Stop your Standard Treatment

One who uses the oil product for cancer may be supplementing pain medications such as opioids which their doctor prescribed. If pain turns intolerable after chemotherapy, also known as chemo, the medical professional might recommend cannabidiol oil in place of habit-forming medications like opioids. When you use the hemp-based oil for the disease, you will not get a high, associated with cannabis because cannabidiol only has trace amounts of THC. As such, a safer product to use than the habit-forming ones is the CBD-infused oil. Marijuana manages just the symptoms, but it would not cure, so you need not replace your prescription medication with it.

Present Research Tells Cannabis Helps you Manage Symptoms

There is no major test that looks into the claims that marijuana prevents or cures cancer. Smaller pilot studies that look into the ideal strain for tackling cancer discovered that the plant might prove effective in fighting this disease down the road. The study discovered the ideal strain for that could just hamper the enlargement of cells in certain forms of cancer in live animals and test tubes.

Most research pays attention to the connection between the prevention of chemotherapy symptoms and CBD oil. Almost every strain will just interact with one’s nervous system in order to alleviate pain and nausea, plus increase his or her appetite.