CBD Myths: Helping Clear The Air On CBD

CBD Health Benefits
CBD Health Benefits
CBD Health Benefits
CBD Health Benefits

CBD has become a fan favorite for all age groups and an essential, which is disappearing from the shelves faster than it can stock up. The reason for the skyrocketing fame is much to the barrage of CBD health benefits that the user is graced with. All of these wellness benefits without any of the side effects make it a winner. CBD has started well on its way to dethrone and cast aside, over-the-counter favorites like Aspirin and Paracetamol. The latter often burdens the user with a hidden list of side effects that stretch from increased risk of strokes and heart issues to just being plain addictive. Most of those who use these on a regular basis can vouch on the addictive nature of them. Which is why CBD, is a much safer, herbal, natural alternative that is taking its rightful place.

Although holistic healing capabilities of CBD has been recognised worldwide, there are still some chances of misconceptions arising amongst the masses. We will be taking a run down on what some of these are, and tell you whether these are a ‘load of hot air’ or not. Read on…

What You Should Know About CBD

CBD Comes From Cannabis

The hemp act that is enforced has officially legalised hemp. But hemp is merely another strain of the cannabis family of plants. However, CBD is different in the sense that it doesn’t create any of the intoxication or ill effects that marijuana is generally associated with. CBD is strictly therapeutic and is non-psychoactive substance that is actively used in creams, coffee, ointments, capsules and many more.

CBDIs Safe For Most People

CBD has an amazing side effects profile-one that has been praised even by the WHO. CBD products are perfectly safe to use for a majority of people. Even dogs, cats and other mammalian pets can make use of CBD to gain wellness benefits from. There have been instances of CBD interacting with other medications and reducing its effectiveness, so if you are taking other medicines, then be sure to consult a doctor. But otherwise, CBD is perfectly healthy for anyone to try out.

CBD Is Different From THC

As mentioned earlier, CBD doesn’t cause any sense of psychosis or intoxication. The number one culprit that causes that when taking marijuana is THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. It is a potent psychoactive substance that makes up more than 40% of marijuana.

CBD Offers A Wide Range Of Wellness Benefits

If one had to make a list of all the benefits of using CBD, then they would fall short of space. CBD health benefits include pain relief and anti-inflammation, anxiety and stress soothing among many others. Because of this, CBD has started to gain recognition as a safe alternative among the various medical circles. For this reason, CBD is being actively used in various treatments like yoga, acupuncture and for chiropractic treatments.

Debunking The Myths: Setting The Record Straight

Myth: CBD Is Illegal

That label can be struck off. Hemp derived CBD, as of today is legal to be grown, distributed and possessed by anyone as per the Hemp Act 2018. The same cannot be said for CBD derived from marijuana, as marijuana is still a scheduled class I controlled substance and is illegal. There are state-specific laws that vary, so it is important that you be aware of what they are to stay on the right side of the law. For example, the laws in Texas clamps on hemp-CBD much more than California hemp laws.

Myth: CBD Is The Same As Medical Marijuana

Absolutely not. Medical marijuana consists of THC, which is the psychoactive substance talked about. States like California, allowing patients to get medical marijuana to treat their anxiety and certain forms of epilepsy. CBD and medical marijuana have a few benefits that overlap-but there are considerable differences between them. For starters, CBD use doesn’t get you high.

Myth: All CBD Is The Same

Absolutely not. CBD from different manufacturers is different in the same way different forms of CBD are. CBD products vary in how quickly their effects act on you, on how long it acts on you and the route through which it acts on you. CBD vaping is much faster but the effects don’t last as long as CBD edibles. No two forms of CBD are same, so be sure to research on what you seek from CBD, and take a pick that is tailor-made to suit your requirements.

Myth: CBD Can Get You High

Absolutely not. As mentioned earlier, CBD has no such psychoactive properties and is strictly therapeutic. CBD is an entirely separate, THC-free compound that is present in the hemp and cannabis plants. Even on dosing way beyond the permissible, the only side-effects you will feel are mild drowsiness and lethargy, that is the same for when you drink too much of cough syrup!