Putting CBD Under Tongue For Better Absorption

Consuming CBD
Consuming CBD
Consuming CBD
Consuming CBD

There is a lot of CBD-related news popping up every day, about how it interacts with the receptors in a person’s body, how they balance and support the health of a person, and so on. But CBD needs to be absorbed properly for it to work effectively. Therefore, it is important to get to know the best way to consume cannabidiol for it to effectively get into the bloodstream and then work on the receptors and flex the muscles.

The most common way of taking in cannabidiol oil is orally, or via mouth. There are several varieties of food and drink products that have CBD content in it, which hit the market each day. A majority of people also add CBD in their morning drinks like tea or coffee and other beverages to make the consumption easier. But is drinking or eating CBD oil the best way to absorb the product? Here are some facts related to the question.

Takes Time To Reach The Bloodstream Of A Person

When cannabidiol is taken orally it gets broken down and then absorbed by the digestive system of the person. It then goes to the liver from the stomach and gets metabolized further by the enzymes before passing on the compounds into the bloodstream. The phenomenon of cannabidiol getting lost to the gut and liver is called the first-pass effect. Therefore, the ingestion of CBD might be the easiest method of consuming CBD, but it is not the most efficient.

Sublingual Method – Way Of Putting CBD Under The Tongue To Absorb It 

If cannabidiol is placed under the tongue for about sixty to ninety seconds before swallowing, the mucous membrane of the mouth would absorb it. This is known as the sublingual method of taking CBD and it allows cannabidiol to completely bypass the digestive system as well as liver metabolism of a person. This helps to avoid it to be broken down by enzymes in the body and to reach the bloodstream more quickly.

Studies conducted with rabbits have compared the absorption of sublingual and other oral cannabidiol solutions and the results of the study have shown that cannabidiol when delivered sublingually showed higher bioavailability than cannabidiol that was delivered orally.

Other Methods Like Topical Application And Inhalation

Inhalation of cannabidiol by vaporization allows the absorption of the compounds by the alveoli of a person; the compounds are then transferred into their bloodstream. Therefore, it is regarded as a faster way of absorbing CBD. When CBD is applied to the skin, it gets absorbed by the body through the surface of the skin.