Vaping Your Pain Away With CBD

CBD Benefits
CBD Benefits
CBD Benefits
CBD Benefits

CBD has become a worldwide phenomenon, with millions of people now accepting CBD into their lives. The baggage that patients had to shoulder when consuming over-the-counter prescription drug like aspirin and ibuprofen was far too heavy. The long term cardiac ailments and increased chances of strokes while consuming them are one of the few reasons why CBD has been revered and chosen instead.

One of the advantages of CBD is the flexibility of its form. You can have it as gummy bears or inhale it, you can mix it into your pasta and chocolates or you can rub it onto your joints; the possibilities are endless. Our focus however is on the effectiveness of inhaling by vaping. So let us get started…

What is CBD?

Marijuana or cannabis is a plant which has loads of substances present in it; these are grouped under “cannabinoids”. The CBD or cannabidiol is one such “cannabinoid”. Others you may have heard of like THC, flavonoids and CBGA.

CBD is a highly effective relaxant and therapeutic drug that helps to dissolve built-up tension, stress and helps reduce pain and control inflammation. The CBD products are packaged in various forms as briefly mentioned prior and with different concentration of ingredients in its extract.

CBD The Non-Intoxicant

The assumption going around that CBD is the same as marijuana is false beyond comprehension. Many people wrongly believe that consuming CBD will give you the same feelings of “high” when you smoke or consume marijuana. Remember that CBD is ONE of the many cannabinoids that you’ll find in marijuana. The cannabinoid THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is the reason for the feelings of delusion when you take in marijuana. The THC is a strong psychedelic and psychoactive substance which is a far shot from CBD which is neither!

CBD full-spectrum extracts will include THC as well, but as governed by laws the percentage should not go beyond 0.3%. This amount of THC won’t even get your dog high, let alone you.

CBD pure isolate extract on the other hand doesn’t contain any THC and is pure potent CBD at its finest!

CBD Vaping: Your Worries Vanishes With The Fumes

Inhaling CBD vapours is one of the most effective ways to get CBD into your system. The process involves the fumes travelling to your lungs via your throat. The capillary rich branch-like structures in your lungs will quickly absorb the CBD and directs it into your bloodstream. The reason for the fast action of the CBD is because very little metabolism happens. Since it doesn’t pass all the way till your liver which is a “first-pass metabolism”, the effects of the CBD are felt instantly; well within 2-5 minutes!

The Art Of Vaping

Vaping is a method of inhalation that has been chosen over smoking. The process of vaping is as easy as it gets! You will need a vape pen which is a trendy, sleek device that fits the palm of your hands. The vape pens are highly customizable these days and come with a variety of attachments as per your taste.

The vape pen consists of a temperature controlled heating chamber where you load in the CBD oil. Unlike in smoking where you can use a “dab”, you can’t do the same and have to stick to the oil. The CBD oil or tincture is then heated by setting it to the required temperature, which create the fumes. The fumes are then inhaled for the desired effects.

When To Choose Vaping?

The bioavailability of vaping is high (40-50%). The bioavailability is nothing but the percentage of CBD content that actually goes to being used in your body out of the total dosage. This figure is miles away from other methods like topical (4-8%) and sublingual (20-25%).

Due to the high bioavailability you will feel the potency of the CBD much better. If you are suffering from chronic pain of any form, then vaping is the ideal choice as you needn’t wait and writhe in pain before seeing results. Patients of arthritis, osteoporosis, gout, back pain and so on should stick to vaping.

When Not To Choose Vaping?

One major drawback to using CBD through vaping is the short duration of the effects. The effects go just as fast as it comes. If you are someone who has difficulty sleeping or is unusually anxious, then it is better to stick to edibles and sublingual application. This will ensure that the effects last for well over 6 hours for a good deep sleep cycle and relaxed senses.

Vaping on the other hand will ease effects at the 1-1.5 hour mark; Great for quick pain relief, but not so much for prolonged effects.

The Curtain Closer

Vaping is effective when taken for the right ailment when the right occasion arises. CBD benefits are far more than CBD’s side effects, which is why there isn’t a shred of doubt when it comes to the credibility of the miracle drug!