Welcome to truecbdreview, your one-stop destination for all things cannabidiol. Reading our domain name, you may get the impression that we are a review aggregator. We do not blame you for thinking so – after all, there are so many aggregator websites.

If you are here expecting to see the user ratings and feedback of CBD products, we are sorry to disappoint you. Neither do we review any particular CBD brand or product on this website and nor do we have user reviews for you. We do not intend to put down the ones that do have these things.

What we have, however, is a compilation of articles giving information about CBD. This substance from industrial hemp is all the rage in the health and wellness space at the moment. Many of our posts explain why that is the case.
As per a recent piece of news, the most googled question on cannabidiol is: “What is CBD?” Together with other websites, we hope to raise awareness about CBD in such a way that that question would not even exist in the near future. We feel it is important to harness the true power of the internet to spread the good word concerning CBD.